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Framed Poster

RIP USD is the first in a series of cryptocurrency illustrations. All buyers will receive authenticity tokens upon shipment to prove ownership and enhance resale value.

Limited Edition: 500 framed posters, ever!



The authenticity of these limited edition prints are represented by an Ethereum contract. If you purchase a print, you will be given a unique token which verifies your ownership. The tokens’ contract address has been very subtly inked into each print. There is a four step process which could take up to 8 weeks to fully solidify your authentic ownership, which is as follows:

  1. Provide ETH wallet address during checkout.

  2. Complete purchase.

  3. Receive print shipment within 2 weeks.

  4. Receive Authenticity Token 4-6 weeks after delivery date.

To insure the authenticity of token issuance, token delivery must be withheld until after the return policy deadline has expired (4 weeks). If you choose to sell your limited edition print, the transaction will be complete when both the artwork and token are sold to the recipient. Once all prints have been sold, we will facilitate a chatroom connecting verified print holders to interested buyers. Our recommended secondary marketplace for selling these limited edition prints is Local Ethereum. They exchange using ETH and operate an escrow service that will lock the buyer’s ETH into a smart contract until delivery is complete.

Authenticity Token Address:


This is the first of a limited supply poster series. Only 1,000 copies will be produced across 10 different variants. Only 250 framed posters will be made available in 2019. Another 250 will be made available in 2020 (during the height of the next bull market).

Framed posters are made of enhanced matte paper. Shipments are made with the poster already placed inside the frame. Hanging hardware is included. Frames are made of black semi-hardwood with an acrylite front protector.

If it ships to the US, it’ll be made in the US. Most orders ship free.


This custom illustration generated buzz on Twitter when it was first released on February 17, 2017. Bitcoin was around $3,000 going up to $20,000. It was a euphoric time. Anyone who was in crypto for the right reasons saw this illustration as an iconic symbol for The People’s prophetic revolution against central banking. The day is coming where the most powerful currency in the world - the US Dollar - will be replaced as the world reserve currency and “blue chip” cryptocurrencies will take its place.

Within 48 hours of its public release, it was Photoshopped by the Venezuelan government and released to hype the release of its new Petro token. Copyright infringement is considered a crime in Venezuela. Their own government officials committed the crime. The artwork is responsible for generating over $735 million, which was earned on the very first day of the Petro ICO.

If any legal entity wishes to engage the Venezuelan Government in a copyright infringement lawsuit for negotiable percentage with $0 upfront, please email: Thank you.