INVEST VOYAGER is an American-based cryptocurrency exchange. It’s founded by executives from both UBER and ETRADE. We expect it will directly compete with COINBASE for the American banking industry. For those who don’t know, COINBASE is leading the world as America’s #1 crypto exchange and certified bank. When INVEST VOYAGER goes live, you will be able to connect your bank account and purchase cryptocurrency, along with mobile friendly and financial news applications similar to those seen on UBER and ETRADE.


  1. Click the “GET STARTED” button below.

  2. Fill information and sign up.

  3. Confirm email.

  4. Create INVEST VOYAGER account. This step isn’t available until INVEST VOYAGER goes live. They have yet to confirm an exact date. You will receive an email from INVEST VOYAGER when they do.


  1. US Residents only.

  2. BTC isn’t paid until after INVEST VOYAGER launches.

  3. BTC payout price will be announced during launch, so pray they go live while BTC is still cheap.

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