Getting Started

If you watch all these videos in order, you will better understand macroeconomics, purchasing power, and the current state of our global financial system. This free education below is arguably more valuable than what’s offered in any government school. See for yourself.

What is money?

It’s time for a history lesson from a great mentor with mastery knowledge of economic history, Mike Maloney. Give each video your full attention. make sure the video is full screen by clicking the bottom right icon within each video.


Our Financial history

Submerge yourself into a few entertaining videos that will strengthen your knowledge about the flaws of central banking, fiat currency, runaway inflation.

US National Debt GDP Graph.png

Quick Recap

“Where there is darkness evil will grow.”

Humanity worldwide has allowed money to become fiat currency controlled by central bankers who operate without serious transparency. They have been given limitless authority to inflate our common currencies without any frequent or public audit. This mistake has corrupted our monetary system for decades and will inevitably lead to hyperinflation of all fiat currencies. So what’s next?